【Industry】Plastic Parts for Electric Cars Industry

Electric cars, obviously, have been one of popular industries in 2021. We can observe following signs like Tesla growing against the pandemic, cars manufacturers tend to promote electric cars and other companies stepped into this new competition. It is clear that electric cars are going into mainstream and the demand keeps growing. However, what are the reasons that can overthrow this industry with more than 100 years of history?

The Factors for Electric Cars Growth


To meet climate goals, such as Paris Agreement, the governments around the world provide subsidies for electric cars and even decide to ban gas-powered vehicles.

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Market Acceptance

According to Deloitte study, consumers’ concerns for electric cars have decreased. For example, in 2018, most of consumers worried about the price and driving range. However, in 2020, these concerns are weaker. Besides, the expansion of charging infrastructure and the optimization of technical issues reduce its uncertainty and improve stability, which Increase consumers' willingness to buy.

Electric Cars Drive the Growth of Plastic Market

Although the plastic parts are not the core role in electric cars but they are still indispensable. According to the study, plastic parts for electric vehicle market are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 27% by 2025. Because of following three characteristics, plastic is a suitable material for electric cars.

  • Weight Reduction
    Weight reduction can help effective conversion and then achieve longer driving ranges. Thus, plastic parts help achieve lightweight of cars.
  • Safety
    The plastic has better insulating properties, which can be made into housings to protect the battery against temperature changes and reduce abrasion and corrosion, which make sure the battery work well.
  • Aesthetics
    Plastic is a material with elastic and easy-to-form properties. Thus, it can be various changes in products’ appearance which allows flexible designs.

Mony – Plastic Car Parts Manufacturer

Mony is an IATF 16949 certified company, which can meet higher standard quality for automotive parts. Mony has manufactured many car interior parts like knobs, trim frames, panels and holders that are applied to dashboards, window lifters, center console and others. Besides, electric parts like battery enclosure are one of our products so we understand the suitable materials and what the standard is.

Electric cars will be affected by outside environment like vibration, temperature humidity and others, so as charging system. Thus, the plastic should be weather-resistant, vibration resistant, tough and durable which ensure the plastic parts work well. Mony has experience in making parts with different plastics so we know well the plastic properties and applications.

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