New FANUC Injection Molding Machines Investment

To fulfill customers’ requirements for high quality and fast delivery, Mony keeps investing in new injection machines to increase our capacity and efficiency. In 2021, Mony introduced all-electric injection molding machines which enable improve better quality and meet customers’ request.

High Efficiency Production

All-electric injection molding machines don’t require cooling water. It can save energy and time since the elimination of cooling phase. Besides, the design of individual electric motors can simultaneously operate each function like mold open/close, injection, recovery, and ejection. Thus, compare with hydraulic injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines minimize cycle time in injection molding.

Besides, with the five axis robotic arm, it can help all-electric machines uses 20% less time to grab products so it can expand production capacity and achieve higher accuracy than cylinder driven system.

Accuracy & Consistency

All-electric injection molding machines use a high-resolution encoder to reduce the deviation between actual and theoretical position, which achieves high accuracy. Besides, all-electric machines have the stability of feeding and injection control, they won’t be affected by outside temperature which may influence oil temperature and quality. Such accuracy can maintain high repeatability then achieve consistent quality.

No Hydraulic Oil

All electric injection molding machines use servo electric motors rather than hydraulic oil so there’s no oil leaks and oil smell. It will make products cleaner, especially for products with cleanliness required.