Plastic Decoration

Mony offers a variety of plastic decoration including painting, printing, laser etching and plating. We produce products with aesthetic elements which improve the quality on its texture and create more value for end users.


Enhance the texture quality of products while printing text or graphics on plastics.



Make products corrosion resistant, stain resistant, moisture resistant, heat resistant, insulated, acid and alkali resistant and others. Besides, painting extends product life cycle and decorates products.



Increase surface hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability. Besides, coating extends product life cycle and decorates products.


Laser Etching

Make a permanent and clear marking. Increase recognizability and texture quality.


Our Strength

Versatile Plastic Decoration

In order to meet different requirements, Mony has a complete facility for plastic decoration. We offer painting, plating, gold stamping, laser etching printing and so on.

High Quality Metal Texture

Mony understands the trade-off between cost and texture quality. By our decoration techniques, we make product combining metal texture and the advantage of plastic, low cost and high-volume manufacturing.

React Faster to Market Changes

By lean manufacturing, Mony realizes high-mix low-volume production and shortens the lead time which helps our customers decrease time to market.

Developments in Surface Protection

Mony keeps studying surface treatments to meet different requirements like anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion, anti-heat and others. We have developed a new coating which helped our customer protect the products from one kind of chemical. Such skill makes us a leading role in Taiwan.

Expertise in Tooling Making

Uneven or irregular surface may lead to difficulties on printing and laser etching. To solve these issues, Mony designs and makes tooling and then improves these problems the successfully.

Continuous Improvement Process

Mony keeps improving product quality. For example, the defective rate of one product is high due to strict standard for transparent object. Through PDCA process, we finally found the method to lower defective rate.

Facilities for Plastic Decoration

Pad Printing Machines

Screen Printing Machines


Laser Etching Machine

Gold Stamping Machine

Electroplating Machine

Plasma Machine

Plastic Decoration Display

Screen Printing

Pad Printing

Robotic Painting

Plating + Painting

Laser Etching

Gold Stamping