Corporate Social Responsibility

Give Back to Society

Social responsibilities are basic duty to business sustainability. Thus, Mony does what we can do for the society, environment and our employee. We won't forget our duty and anticipate to giving more in the future.

Environmental Protection

Through control of hazardous material, wastes, air and water pollution, all controlled measures are managed to comply with associated environmental regulations. In the manufacturing process, Mony keeps our efforts at reducing any possible pollution and recycling. In employee education, we promote environmental awareness to all our staff and make our environment better.

Social Welfare

Mony holds the spirit that "Take from society, give back to society". We have joined social activities for a long time. Mony donated to support those affected by Tainan earthquake in 2016, explosions in Kaohsiung and Eight-Eight Flood. We also donate for Mennonite Christian Hospital and help Medical Building for the eld. The chairman Lin has cared underprivileged groups for a long time and regularly supports for TFCF, scholarship for poor students in NCKU, school lunch for Shihmen elementary school in Tainan, Christian Rehabilitation Fellowship and others.

Employee Care

The sustainable enterprise involves the efforts from all employees so Mony pay attention to employee's health and safety. We provide meals with HACCP certification, arrange annual physical examination, offer occupational safety and health course and provide parking spaces for pregnant women or persons with disabilities. Besides, we hold company trip, club and other activities that make our employees enjoy life.