Plastic Assembly

Mony offers semi-auto and manual assembly. We realize assembly in different levels of complexity and fulfill customers' requirements in high-volume and custom production.

In-line Inspection

Assembly skill is one of factors affecting quality. Mony has decades of experience in assembly and offer assembler a complete training. We implement in-line inspection to check quality at different stage and ensure the appearance is flawless.

Efficient Assembly

Mony owns capability to combine different equipment. It makes separate process into one process and achieves automated production.

Capability of Tooling Adjustment

Tooling enhances the accuracy of sizes and improves the effectiveness of utilization. Mony is able design and make tooling which help realize high quality requirement.

Assembly Facilities

Multi-function Bonding Machine

Gold Stamping Machine

Auto Spring Insertion Machine

Edge Pressing Machine


Auto Dual Axle Screwing Machine

Double Press Bonding Machine