Home Appliance

Nowadays, people prefer efficient way to do housework so more innovative products are developed, especially for kitchen appliances. In addition, growing trends of outdoor activities like camping and party have increased more demand on outdoor appliances. Mony has rich experiences in manufacturing and surface treatment skills, which can provide high quality plastic components for international brand like Electrolux, Whirlpool, GE, Weber and others.

Knob / Button / Switch


Double Shots Injection:PBT & PBT
Surface Treatment:PVD, Printing, Hairline
Assembly:Spring Insert
Application:Ranges、BBQ Grill
Single Shot Injection:PC/PBT
Surface Treatment:Printing
Assembly:Zinc-Alloy assembly, Spring Insert
Application:Ranges、BBQ Grill
Single Shot Injection:ABS
Double Shots Injection:PP & TPR
Surface Treatment:Gold Stamping
Assembly:Spring Insert
Application:Washer & Dryer

Enclosure / Housing

Juicer, Hand Blender, Hair Dryer, Iron

Control Panel

Electronic Pot, Steamer, Coffee Machine


Remote Control, Portable Fan, Hair Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner Tip, Iron