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Mony provides a safe and healthy work environment. We sincerely welcome talents with different background to join our professional team.

Training and Development

Mony offers a wide range of training programs for employees to achieve their goal. We view our employees as partners to sustain business and pursue excellence. Thus, the training course Mony offers help our employees learn professional skills in a systematic approach. Through learning and doing, our employees can improve their ability and keep challenging, then achieve success with Mony.

  • New employee orientation : Make our employees be aware of company policies and industrial safety requirements, helping our employees adapt this new environment quickly.
  • EHS training programs : Ensure the safety of our employees in operation.
  • Quality training programs : Make our employees be aware of Mony's quality policy in order to ensure the product quality and work efficiency.
  • Professional Training : Based on different positions, Mony plans a series of programs to improve employees' professional skills.

Welfare and Benefits

  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Mony cares employees' health so we offer healthcare consulting and regular check-ups. We also offer lunch with an HACCP certification. There are main course, side dishes, soup and drinks which are chosen by nutritionist.
  • Parking space for pregnant women and people with disability.
  • A Variety of Welfare and Benefits
  • Besides year-end-bonus, there is an incentive pay for operation operators in order to boost morale.
  • The performance appraisal helps employees keep improving and innovating.
  • Birthday bonus, holiday bonus/gifts, year-end party, company trips, club, employee discount store and etc.

Year-End Party

Company Trips

Staff Cafeteria

Physical Activity Programs

How to apply to Mony

We are welcome you to join us!